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January 8, 2011 / phenomea

My Princess episode 1

Seol: Why did you buy that ring? Birthday? Anniversary?
Hae Young: I’m planning on proposing.
Seol: NO!!
Hae Young: Why is that you’re always saying no?
Seol: Rings are only given to the girls who waited for it, waiting for a ring until they go crazy about it.
From now on, regardless of, you will not be giving anything to her.
Even when it’s her birthday, just call her. Give her the present one week later.
Tell her that your gift is late because “I do not like my gift mixing up with others.”
The effect of this sentence compared to ten rings like yours is so much better.
Hae Young: Oh I cannot do it.
Seol:You can certainly win against the big Korea’s group grandson. AJA AJA FIGHTING!

Hae Young: Give me your mother’s phone number.
Seol: Not my number but my moms?
Hae Young: I’m gonna tell her that her daughter is messing around.


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