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January 7, 2011 / phenomea

Daddy-Long-Legs (2005)

키다리 아저씨
Kidari ajeossi

Young Mi:
When I was little, my little world was filled with parental love and endless days of waiting for my first love.
And the happiness in my little world seemed to last forever.
Happy days of waiting…
The warm love from my mom, they slowly faded away.
I met this strange, big world at a young age.
However, I kept on going without looking back.
Although I wasn’t always happy with the results, I keep on trying my best.
Living a meaningful life isn’t easy.

Young Mi:
I felt as if someone was
trying to tell me…that I wasn’t alone.
When we first met I never got to see his face.
But he left me a present called Hope.
My Daddy Long Legs…
My heart flutters at the thought of meeting you someday.

‘The darkest time of the day is right before sunrise.’
Don’t be sad if you’re having a bad day.
Because a better day awaits you.

You know why we have Monday Blues?
Because we worry too much the previous evening.
So let’s not worry too much ahead of time.

Young Mi:
Instead of finding him and saying thanks
working hard and realizing my dreams would be a true way to thank him.

Girl in flashbacks:
To cherish memories of you, I’m writing myself this e-mail.
I don’t know how I will be a year from now.
If I read this e-mail then, I would like to confess
my love for you which I couldn’t do before.

Girl in flashbacks:
They say love is a miracle and it’s true.
Nobody thought I could get into the same college as yours.
Watching you from a distance, I was happy just to be around you.

Girl in flashbacks:
Thinking I could watch you anytime I wanted, I got a job at the same station.
Watching you… It’d become a part of my life.
But… my hope to watch you even from a distance proved to be a luxury.
I’m sure I could’ve been a lot happier if I had known back then what I know now.
It’s in our nature to look back and regret our mistakes.
I hope you value the present and love every minute of it.

Do you remember what it was that got you in love?
What starts love can also ends love.

Joon Ho:
When I woke up this morning, I decided to leave you for some time.
The virus in me takes away memories of love.
It makes your scent dull and slows down my steps following you.
If… things get worse and I forget about you completely…
my heart will always feel and love you.
When the warm sunshine embraced the world I ran into you.
Hoping that very moment would last forever.
I’m now freezing memories of you inside me like the sand that doesn’t fall in your hour glass.

Joon Ho:
All these years, I’ve been living a life on a log bridge.
On a log bridge you can’t look back or sideways.
You just look ahead and keep on going.
I’ve been writing you my stories to make myself less loney.
For the first time of my life, I’m full of regrets.
What should I do?

Friend: How’d you find him?
Young Mi: I just looked beside me and he was there.

You know the legends of stars?
That the great die and become stars?
That’s so sad because most of us aren’t great.
I know the story of how the Big Dipper formed.
There was no star at first.
As people started to love their hearts went up to the sky and became stars.
It means there’s so much love in this world that we’re not aware of.

Joon Ho:
I love you, Young-mi.
I wanted to show up before you.
But… Now I have a disease that takes away even the memories of love.
Her favorite color, ‘violet’
Her favorite song, ‘In my dreams”
If things get worse…and my memory leaves me,
this e-mail to arrive in a year will be a map for me to find my way back to you.
If only I could keep the memories of you.
If I lose my memories and become a different person
I’d like to love you again, Young-mi.

Good Day for Love DJ:
Have you looked at the sky?
It’s such a lovely day.
There’s an invisible love.
What kind of love are you in now?
There might be someone near you waiting for your love.
Why don’t you look around?

Joon Ho:
You know why you make a wish upon a shooting star?
During the instant moment when it falls, your sincerity reaches.


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