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January 2, 2011 / phenomea

Secret Garden episode 16

Mr. Secretary: President!!!! Open your eyes! Wake up! Hurry and get this open! What is wrong with our president?!! Hurry and go in!!!
*his crying out loud really makes my eyes teary…

Joo Won: What were you doing in the elevator? Did you not hear me when I told you? I told you I could not ride the elevator.
Ra Im: I’m sorry… I’m really sorry… I just wanted to show that you know how to ride the elevator. I never imagined that it would stop. I’m really sorry…

Joo Won: I’ll tell you thank you later.
Oska: If you had any intention you would have already done it now.

Ra Im: I’ve been curious from a while back but why do you always give in to Joo Won?
Oska: uh.. How did you know I was letting him win? Other people think I am getting beat by him.
Ra Im: Even though you are getting beat by him, your face looks happy.
Oska: The more I see you.. you are a really good woman. I hope you will take good care of our Joo Won.

Oska: The reason why I always lose to Joo Won is cuz when he was 21, he had a terrible thing happen to him.
Because of that, he had a hard time and even suffered some depression.
Watching him like that was hard. He didn’t even talk for a while.
From that moment on I would purposely bother, annoy, tease, and bug him so that at least he would get ticked off.

Joo Won: You are going to your home right? On the way let’s stop and have some drinks.
Ra Im: I just drank with my oppa.
Joo Won: eesh… I’m asking you for a date right now woman.
Ra Im: I know but just now you got turned down.

Joo Won: You did something strange and stole my heart.
You made me drink something strange and stole my body.
You showed up at someone else’s party and stole my lips even.
Someone who did all that, what do you think you did so well to?

Ra Im: This is your work huh? You did this huh?
Joo Won: No it’s not. It was done with your own hands. Stroke by stroke.
Ra Im: Should I really break you bone by bone?

Ra Im: For all the hugs I didn’t give you, I’m paying it back all at once in full.

The hilarious scene… ‘who are laughing will die’ ~ threat by baby Kim Joo Won. lol


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