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December 30, 2010 / phenomea

I Am Happy (2009)

나는 행복합니다
Naneun Heangbokhabnida

There is No Right Answer for Happiness

Friend: So you’re saying that’s a check?
Mansu: If I write my name here, all the banks know what it is.
Friend: You’re really sick in the head.
Man Su: That’s why I came here to rest.

Doctor: As a nurse you should already know about avoiding depression.

Nurse: Doesn’t he seem normal the more you look at him?
Doctor: He has megalomania.

Man Su: Why do you keep asking me so many questions? Are you with the police?
Friend: No, orchestra.

Doctor: Where did you live in Switzerland?
Man Su: The Alps.

Man Su: You don’t know Kawasaki motorcycles? It speeds up to 200 kilometers! Anyway, after I ride it on the beautiful Alps mountain roadsand arrive at my mom’s hotel, all kinds of women are waiting for me there.

Man Su: Keep a safe hold of my checks back there.

Friend: That bastard is the devil not a doctor. That son of a bitch is eventually going to fry us to death. He’s killing us with the medicine. Medicine in the food. Medicine in the water.

Su Kyung: Are you okay?
Man Su: The doctor… He forced me to take some strange medicine. I lost my mind right after I took it. He’s a wacko. He keeps snickering. And tells me that my money isn’t money. He’s insane.

Man Su: Anyway, where is he being dragged off to? To the police station? So how much are his medical bills? How much? One-thousand dollars? One-thousand… I’ll pay for his medical bills, so bring him back right now.

Man Su: You all are jealous of me. Since I look so happy. I’m right, huh?

Man Su sing a song:
Time flies like the passing wind
Memories of you only lie still
If you look back, your memory is somewhere
On the desk, in the bag, in the photo, in my heart
The torn times fly to the skies
Your memories which can’t be seen again
My heart, so much of which can’t be known
Fade little by little
It feels like the world has gone still
I can’t breathe anything after you have gone
I can’t release what’s inside me
Even though I try my hardest to forget you.


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