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December 28, 2010 / phenomea

A Millionaire’s First Love (2006)

백만장자의 첫사랑
(Baekmanjang jaeui cheot sarang)

‘Nothing is more important than the true love of your heart.’

Jae Kyung: How happy could I be with a dying girl? But even if I stay away she will die. What if she leaves when I’m not there?

Jae Kyung: I’ll regret it for the rest of my life. But this girl is more important than 99.9% of my inheritance that I’m throwing away.

Eun Whan: But I will die before that, because of you.
Jae Kyung: I know it hurts for you to be with me. But I love you.

Eun Whan: It’s just the beginning. It’ll hurt more later. You’ll hurt more than me.
Jae Kyung:I wish. I wish I’d hurt for you.

Eun Whan: Trying to seek out a favor?
Jae Kyung: Not with you, with God. So he’ll take his time taking you from me.

Jae Kyung: If you blow it, your wish will come true.. What are you wishing for?
Eun Whan: For you to grow up. Don’t take me suddenly. Give me enough time to say goodbye.

Jae Kyung: Fool. If it hurts, scream. Hold me and cry. Don’t try to hide it.

Eun Whan: My heart… It’s broken. Because I love you enough for my heart to burn. Medicine doesn’t work anymore.

Jae Kyung: Wondering why I like you, I miss you. It’s a disease.

Jae Kyung: It’s raining. The rain can’t cool down my love for you.

Jae Kyung: If he stakes out a house for an hour he’s called a stalker. And I did that for two.

Jae Kyung: Come on, don’t follow me into my dreams.

Jae Kyung: When I’m with you at night it feels as if it were day.

Jae Kyung: Now I believe that phrase that you can see with eyes closed.

Jae Kyung: Do you know why they close their eyes when kissing?
Eun Whan: Because theyre so dazzled by each other.
Jae Kyung: In that short moment with my eyes closed… I’ll miss you.

Mr. Lawyer: It’s a gift from your grandfather. He told me to give it to you when you found something that you value so much to give up everything else.

Jae Kyung: I’m building a house with many windows. When the first snow hits those windows 50 times, we’ll be reunited. I miss you, Choi Eun whan.

Farewell (InSa) by Dong Bang Shin Ki, A Millionaire’s First Love OST

Even that time when the wind stays
Its not enough for me.
I smile one more time and give my final greeting:
I love you.

I am tired now and love hurts but
Even if that time is just a memory
I have to give my final greeting.
I love you, I love you.

Fly away Fly away LOVE
Fly away Fly away LOVE
Fly away Fly away LOVE

In the afterlife I will greet my love again


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  1. 0745932170 / Feb 8 2011 4:40 PM

    i like this girl

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