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December 25, 2010 / phenomea

Secret Garden episode 12

Joo Won:

You don’t think of me even for 5 minutes.
But I’m always thinking of you.
That’s why I’ll be the little mermaid.
Like I said, I’ll be next to you and then disappear like a bubble.

Let’s say that I throw everything away and choose you.
Get a house to live in and a bed.
We’ll just sleep together and then wake up.
But…How long do you think the happiness would last?
I lost everything and the two lived happily ever after?
Can you say that?
I don’t have the confidence to not blame you and hate you for it.

Ra Im:

No woman in the world would start a love with an ending.

Ra Im: I… don’t like you.
Joo Won: You lied and you were nervous.

Scar by BOIS, Secret Garden OST Part 3

It’s already several times, I turned around.
I just smiled as if I don’t know you.
I tried to deceive myself without any words.
Are you confused because you don’t know my feeling?
I’m scared that the words “I love you”
are not the words I’m familiar with.
With my stiff lips, I shout “I love you” to your back.
As we can breathe under the same sky
Only the desire that I can’t have.
Only the love that grows bigger without knowing.
There’s only returning hurt.
Even I die with my hurt, I’ll probably stay here.
I might just smile right beside you.
Even if we may not be happy
Even if it’s not reversible,
It’s the love I chose.

Joo Won: In your dreams, what is troubling you so much?
Ra Im: In my dreams, you are there.
Joo Won: Are you still, not happy with me in your dreams?
Ra Im: Come anyway. Tomorrow. And the next day.


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